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October 6, 2009

Suntory Times! Classic Car Show with a Japanese Twist

By John Naderi


What makes a classic car? Is it a pre-war Bugatti, a ’57 Chevy, ’32 Ford or perhaps anything slathered in British Racing Green and stuffed with a rat’s nest of Lucas electronics? But what about our automotive brethren across the Pac Rim, from the island nation most known for the Camry and Accord? There’s some deep history here such as Honda’s S600, Toyota’s 2000GT, Mazda’s Cosmo or this – Nissan’s OG “Hakosuka” Skyline spotted at the Japanese Classic Car Show held on Saturday, October 3 at Irvine, California’s Hidden Valley Park. This was the fifth anniversary of the show, which is open to any pre-1985 Japanese car. This particular PGC-10 is a 1971 model owned by Mickey Castillo. JDM urban legend says that of the handful of C-10 Skylines in the States only a few are authentic GT-R models. I really don’t care if Mickey’s car is an R because it’s chock full of sick Sonny Chiba style. Hit the jump to see more tasty morsels from JCCS.

This incredible 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster is owned by Eric Straw and was created by Oregon’s Spriso Motorsports perhaps the preeminent Roadster resto shop in North America. This was a frame-off, acid dipped, bare metal restoration and the 16×7 Watanabe RS-8 wheels and red Lotus Elise seats just feel right on the car as for some unknown reason does the Acura Championship White paint.

But the biggest treat on this Roadster lay under hood. That pristine lump, my friends, is an SR20DET from a S13. This swap also happens to be a Spriso specialty. The T25 ball bearing turbo hangs on a custom exhaust manifold. I would say this build was unparalleled until…

I stumbled upon this 1600 Roadster sitting next to it. Another Spriso build, owned by James Standridge and this one is a 1967 ¼ (hey I’m just going by the spec sheet).

Another SR20DET. This one from an S15. The custom exhaust manifold supports a top mount turbo and this drivetrain flexes a six-speed transmission, which required a modified crossmember.

The crew at Spriso must love Watanabes as much as SR motors. Another set of RS-8s sized 16×7 front with a 25mm offset and 16×7.5 with a +6mm offset out back. The Spriso front brake conversion is a nice touch.

Within old school circles Tod Kaneko and his 1972 240Z need no introduction. Tod also has an orange 1973 510 coupe to match his Z car. The 510 has a street ported 13B and Tod has been known to time attack it with his nephew, Billy Johnson, who is becoming quite the motorsports stud in his own right.

Check the wheels. Super rare Chevlon Sports, 17×8 front and 17×9 rear. And yes, those are Porsche calipers peeking beneath the spokes. Tod upgraded the brakes on his 993 and he figured, why let the factory binders go to waste. Ziel Motorsports fabbed up the custom brackets.

The biggest treat on Tod’s Z is the L28 engine. The carbon fiber intake manifold is particularly tasty as are the TWM 42mm individual throttle bodies. Since Tod is a former engineer at Garrett this explains the Garrett prototype HKS GT3540 ball-bearing turbo. If you want to learn more about Tod’s Z as well as his 510 check out this Turbo Magazine feature.

Jojo Rumbaoa’s 1969 Corolla Sprinter is stunning with the 13×7 Compomotive three-piece wheels sitting flush on the flares.

According to the dyno sheet the hyper 2TG laid down 210hp @ 8400rpm and 140 lb-ft @6300rpm on a Mustang dynamometer. The motor has been stroked and now features a stratospheric 13.5:1 compression ratio with a ported, polished and Extrude Honed head, dual Weber 48s and TRD 320 cams.

The 1967 2000GT was Toyota’s first foray into the sports car segment. Even today the car is still stunning. Only 337 2000GTs were produced and of those only 54 vehicles made it to North America. The 6 cylinder DOHC mill threw down 150hp and the car’s $7,230 base price would be 46 Gs in today’s money provided you can find one for this price! I would so rock a 2000GT over a new Three Series (and I’m Persian!).

Check out the perfect body work on John-Paul Dagsaan’s 1970 510 . Gorgeous. I believe the wheels are from Fikse.

And here’s the motivation: a KA24DE. I like the smoothed engine bay and pinstriped firewall and classic HKS magic mushroom filter.

We’ll leave you with this TE37 Corolla. We’re not sure if this one was the best or worst thing at JCCS. The wheels are all wrong as are the Home Depot fender flares but discerning eyes may have spotted the custom dual (?!) exhaust and proper fuel cell under the boot. Our video producer, Chad Bang Shift Reynolds was using a tripod but he said this Corolla was not worthy of such polish – a statement expressed in the most endearing way.

Here’s another reason why this TE37 is eight pounds of awesome in a six pound sack. Pictured is one of Ford’s SVT superchargers but that is no mod motor underneath. This Ford blower was mated to a 1UZ-FE V8 via a custom manifold. This Corolla’s got Jungle Fever!

Obviously this build is still very much a work-in-progress and purists probably decry such a monstrosity but this is just one of the things we love about the Japanese Classic Car Show. We’ll also be posting a StreetFire.net original content video feature on the show in a few days. Stay tuned, Classic lovers.


Oct 8, 2009 at 4:44 am

Lovin the old school Jap cars!

Oct 7, 2009 at 9:44 pm

the 2000GT is pure sex! definately a car i would have in my dream garage

Oct 7, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Damn those are seriously sweet rides. I’ll take one of each.

Oct 7, 2009 at 2:15 pm

I love classic Japanese cars, they really are beautiful. Love the Corolla and the 510 SICK!

Oct 6, 2009 at 9:01 pm

Should have a NSFW tag with all this car porn!

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