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July 6, 2010

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak In Ccar

By Speedhunters

Car Culture At Large

After setting a new record with his qualifying run, Jeff Zwart won the Time Attack class with a time of 11:31.095 at the 2010 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Beating the previous record, set by Rhys Millen in 2009 in his Hyundai Genesis.

A Canon 5D Mark II was rigged over Jeff’s shoulder to capture the run. The recording length limit on the Canon DSLRs in video mode is 12 minutes. We joked that Jeff had to run under 12 minutes or else we wouldn’t be able to capture his entire run. I pushed record seconds before his start and Jeff had recording time to spare at the top with his 11 minute dash. Watch from the cockpit as his Porsche GT3 Cup screams up the hill.

By Will Roegge

Pikes Peak 2010 – Jeff Zwart In Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


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