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August 3, 2010

Boulevard Bruiser En Espanol

By Dan Strohl


Here in los Estados Unidos, I don’t think we cared enough about the Dodge Dart to warrant coachbuilt versions of it. Special versions abounded over the years to move that metal–Demon, Swinger, Hang Ten–but those didn’t require substantial alterations to the basic design of the car.

Over in Spain, however, they viewed the Dart in a different light. To get around the protectionist rules preventing the export of cars to Spain, Chrysler formed an agreement with Barreiros Diesel, a Madrid-based truck and engine builder, to build the Dodge Dart in Spain. Starting in 1965, Chrysler would supply the Darts as knockdown kits, and Barreiros would assemble and market them. With its slant six engine, the Dart would quickly become a premium car in Spain, leaving the mass market to the Simca 1000. By 1971, Barreiros introduced several alterations to the car, including an optional diesel engine and cosmetic modifications, and even dropped the Dart name, instead calling it the 3700. See more pics below the jump, and continue reading at Hemmings.

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