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October 15, 2010

And… That’s A Wrap!

By Jen Dunnaway


We do a lot of pretty nutty things around here at CarDomain to keep the lights on for you guys, and one of them was that epic 16-episode car care series that we shot and produced as part of our campaign with Quaker State. We’re all done now with the filming, and though it was a long haul, we got to make friends with some incredible technicians and check out some cool Seattle-area shops along the way. Oh, and we got some extremely decent car parts out of the deal as well. Thanks, Quaker State! Here’s a quick episode breakdown of the entire series:

First we did a ton of squeaky-clean detailing videos at NorthWest Auto Salon: we figured out how to wash a car properly (who knew?), we learned what all the fuss over clay bar was about, we got the low-down from Blake on cleaning and detailing your car’s interior, and we even learned how to give extra-OCD attention to your car’s wheels and tires–my Escort GT is still driving around with one corner more shiny than the other three as a result of that shoot.

After that we jetted over to Drift Office to have some fun with Bob’s dyno. We threw plugs and wires on Chris’s Corvette, and learned how to dyno-tune a car for performance. After being thrashed for like 30 runs, the ‘Vette was ready for an oil change, so we headed to Group 2 Motorsports to give it one. We threw in a car-maintenance-for-dummies, check-your-systems tutorial as well.

Then it was time to get Rob’s Subaru Outback into Smart Service in for a coolant flush and a transmission service. And after that, it was back to Group 2 Motorsports: my AMC Concord got its front brakes done, and we learned how to rebuild its crusty old-school rear drums as well. Then we did this ultra-awesome brake fluid flush-and-bleed demo to enlighten those of you still driving around with scrungy, ancient juice in your braking system: a no-no! Next, it was time to spruce up Rob’s Satellite, so Rick from Group 2 showed us how to set the timing the pro way with a timing light, and threw a set of fantastic Edelbrock shocks on the old Mopar. Then at long last, it was my Escort GT’s turn to demo a tricky front-wheel drive strut replacement–it’s now running a set of ultra-rare discontinued Koni adjustables.

See all the videos in one place at the Quaker State fan page–and don’t forget to become a fan!


Oct 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Wow, we sure learned a lot and even had some fun along the way. Nice recap!

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