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August 25, 2011

Tom Cruise Caught Testing Red Bull Formula 1 Car

By cooper


Celebrities in race cars are not a new thing. Stars such as Paul Newman, James Dean, Steve McQueen, James Garner, and Patrick Dempsey have all made made their marks in a variety of different racing disciplines. Formula 1 seemed to be the final frontier in the racing world that had yet to be infiltrated by Hollywood— until now. Mr. Mission Impossible himself, Tom Cruise, was actually given the proverbial keys to the latest and greatest Formula 1 car from Red Bull.

After watching Cruise’s scorching lap on Top Gear’s test track, we all knew the man could drive. What nobody expected though, was how fast he was able to get a feel for a machine as complex as a Formula 1 car.

“For the amount of laps he actually did, it was remarkable how quickly he got up to speed…I’m not being kind here but I’ve got no doubt that if he really wanted to put some serious time into driving those types of cars, you know, with a few days or proper running, he could be running some really good times” remarked F1 star and Cruise’s coach, David Coulthard.

Formula 1 has never been as popular in America as it is in the rest of the world. This leads me to wonder: Could getting a superstar like Tom Cruise into the running, be just the stunt the sport needs to gain appeal in the US market? With the upcoming 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Texas, I wouldn’t put it past Red Bull.

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