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Rob Einaudi

I’m just a guy who likes cars. My parents drove me home from the hospital in a ‘64 Cadillac Sedan de Ville. I have early memories of cruising around in my babysitter’s ‘65 Mustang. My dad had a ‘71 BMW 1600 which was totaled in a wreck (I was in the back seat with my brother). My dad replaced the Bimmer with a ‘74 FIAT 124 coupe, then a ‘75 Saab 99. I learned to drive in my mom’s ‘77 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, learned to drive stick in my dad’s ‘82 Ferrari 308 (heavy clutch, but nearly impossible to stall out). My high school autoshop teacher gave me the Mopar bug, and I’ve owned various old Mopars ever since. I also love boxy RWD Volvos, and some day hope to own a ‘74 Alfa Romeo GTV. And maybe a 2008 Mustang Bullitt…


I’ve been a car nut since around the time I learned how to talk. In one of my earliest childhood memories, I’m at this toy store in Hawaii begging my grandma for a Snoopy Dragster when I’m supposed to be picking out a Strawberry Shortcake doll. My weakness is oddball cars with lots of personality, the ones the collectors tend to overlook. I love the idea of building something completely unique out of a hulk that any rational person would’ve long since sent to the crusher. Consequently, my rides include a restored and modded ‘82 Ford Escort GT and a daily-driven ‘81 AMC Eagle.


I’ve grown up around cars all my life thanks to my dad. I’m a fanatic about cars that give great feedback and that can break the tires lose with a feathering of the throttle. I’m currently in search of my first Porsche. I now have my rear-wheel drive Porsche that I’ve always wanted currently am looking for a new car or maybe and SUV. I also enjoys unique niche blogging at Celebrity Cars Blog and working with Automotive businesses like Cats Exotics. You can also find me at Google +.

Ryan Porter