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Fastest Cars on the Used Car Market

Used cars have found themselves with a bad reputation over the last decade or so. Whether it’s due to dodgy dealers, high prices, or cars that just aren’t really that cool, buying a second hand car is still met with a little disdain.

But frankly, I don’t see why. After all, it’s economical, good for the environment, and you can even get some pretty good, speedy used cars – you just have to know where to look for your used car. It’s unlikely you’ll be screaming down the M1 in a second-hand Bugatti Veyron, but there are some quality fast cars on the market.

BMW 3 Series

A favourite motor for businessmen and stylish drivers alike, the BMW 3 Series is a great example of how buying a used car can still give you quality, practicality and fantastic speed. With a top miles-per-hour limit of 142, there’s plenty of power in the BMW. Plus, buying some BMW 3 Series models second hand can result in plenty of savings; potentially around £20,000 for a model that is three years old. Prices can range from a measly couple of grand up to £30,000 or £40,000 depending on model, the number of miles on the clock and whether you want a convertible or not.

Mercedes S Class

With a top speed of a fantastic 155mph, the Mercedes S Class is a brilliant purchase if you’re looking for a second hand car that oozes style and class. Expect to pay a fair bit, though, if you’re interested in buying a used Mercedes with all the optional extras like heated seats, fully equipped sound system and, er, cup holders. Latest and greatest models will cost you around £50,000, which isn’t too far off the road-ready price when new, but you can bag some models – including automatics – for a much lower price.

Ferrari 458 Italia

What ‘fastest car’ list would be complete without the king of the road, the Ferrari? The 458 Italia model is your best bet for buying a second hand Ferrari, and with a mind-blowing top speed of 202 miles per hour, it’s ideal for those of us with a racing circuit in the back garden. Not one for the daily commute, the Ferrari 458 Italia can go from 0-60 mph in under 3.4 seconds, has cutting edge aerodynamic design, and a powerful V8 engine. Be prepared to shell out for this bad boy though: you’re going to need at least £100,000 even for a decent second hand model.

McLaren MP4-12C

If you really, really want to splash out on the fastest second hand car money can buy, then look no further than the iconic McLaren MP4. It looks like it’s moving even when it’s stationary, it’s the fastest thing driving thanks to the twin turbo V8 engine, and basically, it’s the coolest car on the road. The top speed is 207 mph, yet it can brake from 124 mph to a complete stop in under 5 seconds, and go from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds; all in all, an impressive collection of stats. The McLaren MP4 is a car built for pelting down the motorway and finally taking that driving holiday you’ve been telling yourself about. However, you might want to take out a second mortgage before you dig deep – finding at least £170,000 for a used McLaren isn’t going to be easy!